The global toothpaste market is projected to reach 36.98 billion USD by 2024. For companies that want to enter the oral care market now is the perfect time, and CosmoLab are here to help you create your perfect private label toothpaste.

Here at CosmoLab we use the highest quality ingredients and second to none flavours to ensure you get the best version of the toothpaste you desire. We can manufacture a wide range of toothpastes including whitening toothpaste, sensitivity toothpaste, remineralising toothpaste, bleeding gums toothpaste, kids toothpaste, anti-cavity toothpaste and more. CosmoLab can offer an private label toothpaste at a low minimum order quantity of 5000pcs. We have a range of toothpaste formulas that you can choose from, or we can work with you to develop your own unique toothpaste formulation that we will then manufacture exclusively for you. To see how our sample development process works click here.

Once you are happy with your toothpaste formulation we can then help you with your product packaging. We supply a wide range of tubes made with different materials such as plastic, recycled plastic, sugar cain or ocean plastic. Then, once you’re happy with your product packaging we can then help you brand your tube and box with the help of our in house designer.

Contact us here to find out how we can help you create your private label toothpaste today.
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