Manufacturing Your Own Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

Teeth whitening kits that include gels and an LED light have become an increasingly popular method to whiten teeth. They are simple and easy to use, it’s no surprise why this method of whitening is buzzing throughout social media. 

Here at CosmoLab, we’re experts in dental cosmetics and have worked within the sector for over 10 years. We’ve studied what works, what doesn’t and have searched high and low across the globe trialling numerous ingredients to see what achieves the best results, at an affordable price.

We can work closely with you to assist in the development of your own private label Teeth Whitening LED kit. This will include x3 gels in your choice of 3ml or 5ml syringes, as well as an LED light and tray. We can formulate a peroxide-alternative gel that has great whitening results, we only use the best ingredients for the best results and can achieve a white smile without paying professional prices. 

Teeth whitening kits can be packaged in your choice of premium boxes and packaging. Syringes can be branded with either printing or stickers and your LED whitening light will also have the choice of being branded. You will also have an option to create a refill kit, so customers can get extra gels without purchasing the full kit again. 

At CosmoLab, we offer the benefit of knowing that your products were formulated by a team in the UK, manufactured in house here at our lab in Billingham! We source the best quality ingredients and are happy to work to specified budgets, ingredients and ideas. We are also able to offer lower minimum order quantities than most of our international counterparts and have graphic designers on hand to assist with any design help.

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