Manufacturing Your Own Teeth Whitening Strips


Whitening strips are one of the world’s most popular methods of whitening. They are quick, simple and easy to use, thus enhancing their appeal. Whitening strips initially took off in the USA, although now are creating huge demand worldwide.

At CosmoLab, we will work with your team to develop strips for your target market, whether that be peroxide or non-peroxide. Our off the shelf strips can be manufactured in a variety of flavours including; mint, coconut and strawberry to name a few. We are more than happy to work with you to develop your own bespoke flavour if desired.

Charcoal has seen a soaring popularity in recent times with its uses being heralded from skincare to teeth whitening, we offer a number of off the shelf charcoal whitening strips to our private label clients.

With regards to peroxide strips, we adhere to UK and EU legislation of a maximum of 6% hydrogen peroxide to be sold through the professional dental channel or of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide to be sold through retail/online to end users. Within both of these options we can offer unique dissolving strips which dissolve on contact with saliva in around 10-15minutes, combining this with a strong mint flavouring provides great whitening with breath freshening results.

At CosmoLab, we offer the benefit of knowing that your products were formulated by a team in the UK, we source the best quality ingredients and are happy to work to specified budgets, ingredients and ideas. We are also able to offer lower minimum order quantities than most of our international counterparts and have graphic designers on hand to assist with any design help.

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