Why Toothpaste Tablets?

Shoppers are becoming more aware of the ethical and environmental impact of the goods they purchase. As a result of this, toothpaste tablets are becoming increasingly popular.

This isn’t the only reason consumers love them; there are lots of zero-waste toothpaste tablet options, they tend to contain fewer chemical ingredients, and they also tend to be less abrasive and gentler on teeth.

How can CosmoLab help me?

Here at CosmoLab, the only private label toothpaste tablet manufacturer in the world, we can help you create your own private label toothpaste tablet range. We have great off the shelf-formulas that can be ordered for a fast and convenient service, or you can also formulate your own bespoke toothpaste tablet to meet your consumer’s needs. Find out more about our process here.

What ingredients can I use?

Your toothpaste tablets can be flavoured with natural peppermint and will include additional ingredients to help clean teeth, remove plaque and freshen breath. Not sure what ingredients you want to include in your toothpaste tablets? We are here to help, here is a small overview of our ingredients:

Cleaning Ingredients

We have an abundance of cleaning ingredients such as Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin and Sodium Bicarbonate that have different cleaning properties that will give your tablets the cleaning effect that they need.

These ingredients have cleaning and polishing properties to help remove stains and whiten teeth. While Sodium Bicarbonate also helps with cleaning it also aids with the foaming effect.

Texture Ingredients

Ingredients that affect texture are a vital part of the toothpaste tablet formula. You can include Sorbitol which is a moisturising ingredient that gives a pleasant mouth feel or Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate which is an ingredient to make the tablets foam up.

Taste Ingredients

We have a unique blend of natural peppermint oils that are encapsulated. This flavour uses micro-encapsulation technology and is made using natural organic materials. The peppermint oil is encapsulated as a liquid core and is released when it comes in to contact with saliva.

With an abundance of ingredients to choose from, your toothpaste tablet will be as unique as your brand.

Not only can we formulate and manufacture private label toothpaste tablets, we can also brand them up for you. We can supply different size plastic, tin and glass jars that are tailored to your needs.

If you’re interested in launching your own toothpaste tablet brand, then get in touch with us today! A member of our specialised sales team will be more than happy to speak to you.

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